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Magical Tree Nurseries


Magical Tree Nurseries

Inspirational Learning for Children

Magical Tree Nurseries at Healey Wood prides itself on child centred, creative and inspirational learning environments for children aged from 3 months to 5 years.

All of our families that use our service state ‘we are their first choice’. Our unique values, approach to care and education, and our welcoming and friendly environment are the reasons why.

What our service provides for parents and families:
We provide effective daily feedback discussing the type of activities that each child has been exploring, how we observe and plan for each child’s overall development and their individual interest.
We support children’s learning at home by providing ideas for activities and worksheets to take to enhance their writing skills. We are proud of our unique way of creating each child’s magical learning journey of their time at the nursery. Their magical learning journey provides lots of photo evidence of each child exploring and playing; with many activities both indoors and out. A ‘keep sake’ for the children and parents.

Our values are child centred, family focused and team driven:
Child centred : We provide a private, safe and eco-friendly building and garden with a free-flow play policy. This creates freedom for children to
explore and investigate both indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day, enabling them to think independently, play alongside their
peers; while empowering them to feel optimistic about their talents, dreams and aspirations.

Family focused:
Working in partnership with parents is the driving force behind the designing and delivering of our service. It enables us to cater for the overall familys needs in providing a service that is flexible, inclusive and responsive. We want to give parents the choice of high quality childcare at an affordable rate.

Team driven:
We already have an excellent local reputation for being forward thinking, ambitious and pioneering in the way our curriculum is organised, how the team interact with the children, parents and all professionals and how leadership skills are cascaded throughout the whole team. Training opportunities are given to keep our qualified team up to date with current early years developments