Fitzpatricks UK Ltd

Precision Fabrication, Sheet Metalwork, and Welding in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium.

HONESTY, COMMITMENT, QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP is our strapline, to that, you can add discreet, we mind our own business and we mind yours too.

Fitzpatrick’s are a quality-focused business and we take our ISO 9001:2015 very seriously.

We have worked hard to get our structure right before each expansion phase enabling us to maintain product quality and delivery requirements seamlessly. Our customer base recognizes this.

Being a team is very important, we feel we are a good team and it means we come to work to support each other and help each other through. It is a very powerful feeling to be part of a team where one of the common aims is to get better every day.

The first thing we look at when finding new recruits is how they will react with the team. It is more important than the skills they have as we can easily develop their skills.

We see our customers and suppliers as an extension of our team, we see them as partners and try to never let them down.

The workshop is supported by a great team of CAD engineers proficient with “3D CAD Solidworks” software.

We boast a flat hierarchical structure with quick decision-making processes, which also means that employees feel empowered.

Fitzpatrick’s have prototyped for years and are very good at 1 off problem-solving but we feel that manufacturing and process development is where we need to focus next in order to really solidify the business offer.

We have a saying around the office. It goes… “Great Things Are Only Possible With Outrageous Requests!”
Mark Fitzpatrick

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Fitzpatricks UK Ltd
Fitzpatricks UK Ltd
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