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Bridgewater Acceptances Ltd provides fast property and land finance…when it’s needed most!

Do we accept enquiries direct from the business community:

Yes, we do, and each enquiry is treated on its own merits by a member of our new business team and further down the line should the enquiry progress to a formal application by one of our experienced and friendly underwriters.

Do we provide an indication of terms:

In all cases of interest to us, we provide an initial indication of likely terms called “In Principle” terms based on the initial enquiry and information provided.

Second charge Homeowner loans available for business purposes only, all other loans secured via a first or second charge over property or land.

Do we offer advice:

We are not regulated to advise customers about their financial requirements, we can talk about the products we offer and look in every case to provide the best terms we can based on our customers’ requirements and status. We would always suggest that our customers take the appropriate professional advice regarding their financial requirements especially if they are unsure if to proceed forward to formal application and valuation. Our friendly personnel will always talk through our procedures at the start of our process and look to answer any queries that may arise to ensure the whole process proceeds as smoothly as possible with a minimum of fuss.

Do we accept enquiries from brokers and intermediaries:

Yes, we do, the vast majority of our business comes from enquiries submitted by the broker/intermediary sector, we always work closely with our introducers to ensure we successfully fund the required loan within the timescale required. Upon successful completion of their case, we pay agreed commissions to the introducing broker.

Do we request business accounts and bank statements:

No, neither ourselves or our lending arm are a Bank therefore, we have a more flexible process. When the borrower is a company or self-employed, we accept accountants’ reference as to the income received in the last financial year and a projection of income for the current and next financial year. When the security offered generates sufficient annual rental to meet our affordability criteria an accountant’s reference is not required. Employees will be required to provide the last 3 payslips apart from when any rental income received meets our affordability criteria. No income proof is required for bridging loans where repayments will be via the sale of the security.

Do we accept applicants with adverse credit or are not UK based:

Yes, we do, those individuals or companies with historic credit problems are still considered including those with recent CCJs, what we don`t do is fund those applicants who have current arrears or don’t keep up with their credit commitments. As far as offshore companies and individuals are concerned, we are happy to consider their requirements and, in most cases, meet their expectations.

We are here to offer you a fast and friendly personal service and most importantly the funds required within the timescales required with a minimum of fuss. This is what we offer and this is what we aim to achieve on every application we receive.

Please refer to our customer charter below for further information on the service we offer.

All loans are non-regulated, further details of our company and FCA registration can be found on our website. Your security is at risk if you do not maintain payments on a loan or mortgage secured on it.

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